Backyard Pitmaster

So you like cooking on the BBQ! You could spend all weekend out there perfecting your creation. Ever wonder how your steak stacks up against your neighbour’s?

This is the place for you!! Backyard Pitmaster is about individuals that want to break into the competitive BBQ scene without being part of a team. Maybe dip a toe in and see what it’s all about. Or maybe you are in a team but want to have a crack on your own – try out some new ideas.

Then our Rockabilly Pitmaster competition is perfect for you!

  • When: 20 July
  • Where: Browns Plains Hotel
  • What: Hot-n-fast cook
  • Why: Because it’s fun!
  • Who: 20 individual competitors (don’t delay registering)

Sound fun? Want more details… keep reading!

  • Cost: $150
  • What does that get you, you ask? Well it gets you:
    • both proteins to be cooked
    • the hand-in boxes (yep they are specific)
    • all the charcoal needed to cook with and
    • a Weber to use!

What are you waiting for? Download your entry form now!