Rules and Regulations 2019

Competition Rules

  • All teams must be registered with NGN. In order to be registered with NGN, teams must complete the Team Registration forms in full and pay any competition fees prior to competing.
  • Teams can compete in any number of National Grilling Network (NGN) competitions to be eligible to be crowned National Grilling Network 2019 Grand Champion, but may only enter one NGN event at a time.
  • Up to four team members are eligible for individual prizes.
  • On the occasion events are ticketed teams are allowed up to five guests for free, they must be registered with NGN prior to the event.
  • Teams must adhere to bump in and bump out timings, unless obtaining written permission.
  • Top three competition results are tallied to go towards NGN Grand Champion (NGNGC).
  • Beef, chicken and pork protein points are the only points considered for NGNGC. Points from specialty proteins (i.e. duck, lamb) are not considered in the NGNGC points tally.
  • In the event of a tie, a count back system is applied.
  • Teams cannot precook or brine proteins prior to opening of cooking window.

Competition Points

  • Points are gathered from judge’s score cards tallied during each competition
  • Points are available to teams via 24hrs after competition completion.
  • During an individual competition if there is a tie between 1st, 2nd, 3rd a count back system is not utilized.
  • Points tallied for NGNGC if there are ties, a count back system is employed. 
  • NGNGC, RGC and 3rd Overall are announced at the end of the competition calendar year.
  • All judge’s score sheets are accounted for by Head Judge and held by NGN for 12 months after the end of the competition calendar year.

Detailed Competition Rules

  • Only 9×9 hand-in trays supplied by NGN are to be used.  If any other trays are used, the hand-in is rejected by the Head Judge and teams are notified on the day.
  • No foreign objects are allowed inside the hand-in box.
  • Hand-in timings must be adhered to.  Hand-in windows are five minutes prior and five minutes after the hand-in time.
  • If the exterior of hand-in boxes are excessively dirty, greasy or extensively damaged they will not be accepted by hand-in staff, and teams are alerted by the Head Judge.
  • There must be at least six portions of protein per hand in tray.
  • Hand-in portions are to be on curly parsley, kale or iceberg lettuce only.
  • Teams must adhere to the direction of NGN officials, security staff and promoters.
  • During scrutinizing, teams must produce all items as required.
  • Nominated Team Captains are responsible for each of their respective team members.
  • Each individual team member has the right to approach NGN Staff if they see any unsafe practices being conducted.
  • As some competitions are held in various venues, all local noise restrictions, liquor licensing laws must be adhered to.
  • Teams must adhere to allocated team space/positions unless written approval was given prior to the event.

Approved Cooking Devices

  • Charcoal or wood fueled smokers
  • Pellet smokers (upon application)
  • Gas devices can be used to start charcoal, prepare sauces, or brines. (gas bottle hydrostatic test must be “in date”)

Prohibited Team Cooking Techniques

  • Deep frying
  • Boiling
  • Gas cooking
  • Branding of proteins with a heat source
  • Pre-cooking, take-away

All teams must provide

  • Rubber sanitized gloves
  • Waste bin
  • Clean plastic cutting boards
  • Solid fuel source (not required if using a pellet smoker)
  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • Esky or Cambro type devices for cooling or keeping meats at safe temperatures

Teams may:

  • Promote and sell their own or their sponsor’s merchandise
  • Apply to NGN in advance to conduct master classes or product demos.
  • Participate in any NGN approved fundraising for nominated charity.
  • Camp at the venue with promoter’s permission. Teams are expected to minimize the footprint of such accommodation.

Teams may not:

  • Serve raw or contaminated meat
  • Sell any meat or part thereof, cooked or prepared before or during the event
  • Interact with any judges until after judging has finished.
  • Leave their vehicles in the cooking/competition area, only smokers and ancillary equipment are allowed onsite.

Code of Conduct

  • Be courteous to all NGN officials, judges, promoters and the general public.
  • Show good sportsmanship and respect to all other teams.
  • Respect local rules of each venue.
  • Punters have a general interest in low and slow cooking, please engage them with courtesy and respect that is deserved.
  • Each team is responsible for their competition cooking site.  Any oil/grease/sauce spills are to be cleaned up before leaving the competition. Failure means respective teams are financially liable for any clean up required.
  • If the event is conducted in any kind of carpark, charcoals must be lit within your smoker, not directly on the carpark surface.

Failure to abide by any of the above rules and regulations may cause suspension and a potential ban from all NGN competitions and see all competition points stripped.

Protein Categories

  • Beef – brisket, ribs, chuck, cheeks, rump cap
  • Pork – shoulder, ribs
  • Chicken – any portion
  • Lamb – any portion
  • Duck – any portion
  • Seafood – promoter’s discretion